Extended Horizons operates Maui’s friendliest, most experienced, and caring Maui scuba diving shop. Our Maui dive group sizes are small (up to 6 divers). We have nationally credentialed and highly rated Maui naturalists/diving guides that know more, see more, and will show you more. We are consistently ranked the top scuba dive charter with the best Maui dive tours in the Lahaina area.


37 years diving in Maui!

Small groups up to 6 divers

Safety, Fun, Education, Conservation

Guides are Instructors & Certified Naturalists.
Boat captains are divers too.

100% Bio-diesel boat,
Dive Shop Run on Solar Power
Maui Mooring Sponsorships & Installations
Reef Clean-ups & Recycling


Extended Horizons was the first, and remains the only boat in Lahaina to run on 100% Biodiesel, sourced and made locally from recycled cooking oils. We’ve been running without fossil fuels since 2006! We are one of only five businesses in the State to receive Platinum recognition and be awarded the coveted Hawaii Clean Fleets award for our green initiatives. Our use of Biodiesel reduces our carbon footprint by 83% compared to Petro diesel.



• Small Group Sizes
• Longer Bottom Times
• AL80 Tanks Standard
• Computer Profiles

Meet The Lanai & Maui Scuba Crew




Erik is the owner operator of Extended Horizons, which he started in 1983 with two sets of dive gear and a lot of youthful energy! He is a US Coast Guard 100 ton Captain, PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, regulator repair tech, Visual Cylinder Inspector, Certified Interpretive Guide, as well as our trailer repair tech, sometimes head mechanic and all-around maintenance and fix-it guy! If you’re lucky enough to dive with Erik, hold on to your hat! He is probably the most passionate, animated dive guide on our staff!




Victoria began her diving in 1986 in Nashville, TN, and has been with Extended Horizons since 1998, when she came out on a Lana‘i charter as an Open Water Diver and decided not to go home! She is Director of Operations, our lead Captain with a US Coast Guard 100 ton license, PADI Instructor, SDI Instructor, a Certified Interpretive Guide, as well as a Published Professional Underwater Photographer. Victoria is also a certified professional for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (in her former life she was a horse trainer, but now she trains people instead!). Victoria developed the training program for our guides and captains; she does a lot of the organization projects around the shop, usually is our Costco runner, and she’s handy with a toolbox for our various projects around the shop! Of all of those skills, her passion as a dive guide is probably her greatest strength!




Chris was serious about diving, and he had to be because he learned to dive (Open Water through Instructor) in the frigid waters on Lake 16 in Michigan! He decided diving full time was better in warm water, so he made the jump to Maui, where he began dive guiding at Molokini in 2016. He is also a kite surfing instructor – much better in warm water too! He started at Extended Horizons in early 2018 after gaining his US Coast Guard 100 ton captain’s license, and has since become a Certified Interpretive Guide, as well as completed captain training at EH! Chris’ kind, Michigan boy-next-door demeanor puts everyone at ease and his enthusiasm for sharing the marine life makes each dive, as one diver said, ‘an underwater detective’ event!




Gu (Goo) was born and raised on a small island is South Brazil and speaks English, Spanish & Portuguese. In 2007 Gu came to USA following his musical career as a signer-songwriter, and began a new passion with his Open Water certification in 2014 in Florida. His dive experience ranges from the wrecks along the East Coast to places like Cozumel, Belize, Ratan, Dominica and St. Lucia thanks to a few cruise ship contracts he took as a musician. His final cruise contract in Hawaiian waters made him both an Advanced and Rescue diver. Once back in Florida he had no other thing in mind than to become a DiveMaster and move permanently to Maui to live his days diving in the morning, playing music in the afternoon and surfing on his days off. Gu has since become a PADI Instructor here on Maui, and his easy-going energy translates into the perfect slow-paced dive for a guided tour, refresher, or learning to dive for the first time.




Howdy Ya’ll! Shelby is from Texas and began her dive career as Junior Open Water Diver in 2009. Driven by her curiosity into the underwater world, Shelby earned a Degree in Environmental Science, and soon after graduation moved to Honduras to pursue her Instructor Certification and begin her professional Scuba Diving career. She has participated in Coral Restoration Projects and Eco Programs, and began teaching at Extended Horizons in June, where she loves sharing and obtaining knowledge of the Worlds Oceans.




Emma is originally from Los Angeles but has always thought of Maui as her second home. Her mom was born on island and Emma visited her family frequently growing up. She always loved wildlife and decided to pursue a degree in Animal Science and Biology. During her studies, she worked with marine mammals and interned at the Maui Ocean Center where she learned about Hawaiian sea creatures. She earned her Divemaster in Australia and her Instructor certification on Maui. Emma is an enthusiastic, yet calm diver that loves to talk about anything conservation or animal behavior related. Surprising fact: Emma’s first dive was right here on Maui at Kahekili Beach as a teenager.




Maiah started her dive career in 2017 with the intention of getting closer to her favorite animals: sharks! She moved to Maldives in 2018 to work as a Marine Biologist and complete her Dive Master course at a 5 Star Eco Resort. It was there where she fell in love with the underwater world as a whole. She later continued her dive training in Komodo, Indonesia where she became a PADI Instructor. Her first year teaching diving was spent in her home state of North Carolina (brrr).  Soon after, she returned to Maldives to launch a research project focused on the Tiger Shark population surrounding the island of Fuvahmulah.  Maiah joined the Extended Horizons team in March 2021, where she continues to grow her passion for marine education!




Captain Stephen has been around Hawaiian waters for nearly 20 years, and says there’s nowhere he’d rather be. (can you relate?!) In late 2015, Stephen began his boating career, which set him on the path towards diving and better understanding the ocean and its inhabitants. “Learning about all of the ocean’s creatures and seeing them everyday has really changed my life.” Stephen is currently a rescue diver, with hopes of continuing further towards divemaster one day.




Maren began her dive career in 1999 at UC Santa Cruz, where she went from Open Water Diver through to DiveMaster, while earning a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She decided Maui would be the ideal place to follow her dreams and became a PADI Instructor in 2004. She started with Extended Horizons in 2005, and hasn’t looked back… in fact that’s kind of her thing, always looking forward. She’s now dive guiding with us as a fill-in only, because she has started a new career as a Paramedic and a mom! Maren’s can-do attitude and focus on quality customer service makes each charter with her special


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    Chris C
    October 1, 2021

    star rating  We happened upon Extended Horizons by recommendation as other plans fell through. They were extremely gracious in arranging semi-last minute reservations. The equipment was in excellent condition and everyone was... read more

    Bethany A
    October 1, 2021
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    January 26, 2020

    star rating  A good, safety conscious, eco-friendly dive company. The dive guides know the critters and their behaviours really well.
    Lots of rules about how to get off and back on... read more

    January 21, 2020
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    star rating  We went for a dive with our family. Shelby and Gu were attentive, careful, and great fun! We saw turtles and schools of fish among the coral.

    January 1, 2020

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    star rating  This dive trip was amazing. The crew was incredible, very knowledgeable and safety minded. I recommend this excursion. Have an excellent time!!!

    September 28, 2019
  • star rating  Shelby was a brilliant instructor. She really helped put this nervous first time diver at ease and was patient and kind. Definitely want to take my PADi Open Water cert... read more

    Terry T
    September 18, 2019

    star rating  I had such a wonderful time scuba diving with Extended Horizons. The instructors were excellent and the experience was incredible. Hope to go diving with them again soon!

    September 18, 2019

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    September 12, 2019


We’ve been scuba diving in Maui and operating scuba charters to Lanai since 1983. We offer the highest quality Maui scuba diving and Maui shore dives that can be found departing from the island’s west side. If you don’t already have your scuba certification, Maui dive shops typically offer PADI Lanai and Maui dive instructors that can help with that. Our commitment is to creating an experience for divers that is safe, fun, interesting and first class. Our Lanai and Maui scuba dive guides are trained in the local ocean ecology and have years of experience as instructors.

Take the opportunity to dive in Maui by joining our guides on their scuba diving tours that highlight marine behaviors. Any guide can point out the obvious like turtles, but our Maui scuba diving guides actually know the names of fish and can interpret marine life behavior patterns. Their years of experience scuba diving Maui and Lanai allow them to know where animals live, when they mate, and why they are acting unusual.

Extended Horizons leads by example being one of the few dive shops in Maui that talks about saving the reef and actually takes action. To prevent anchor damage, Extended Horizons spearheaded the actual putting in of the first 14 moorings on Lanai in the late 90’s and continues to sponsor local NGO’s, working hard to make Maui a mooring friendly place. Additionally, Extended Horizons conducts semi-annual underwater reef clean-ups. So far we’ve removed over 400 lbs of marine debris off Maui County’s reefs this year 2018! Additionally, Extended Horizons conducts semi-annual underwater reef clean-ups. Check it out on our SPECIAL EVENTS page!

We have the ONLY commercial marine tour boat on West Maui running on 100% biodiesel (not the only dive boat- the only commercial boat). Our commitment to run 100% is unique. While some Maui dive shops and businesses try to greenwash their image stating they run biodiesel, often this is just a small percentage blend. (Sometimes as little as 1%). Better yet, our biofuel is made locally in the State of Hawaii from recycled feedstocks by Pacific Biodiesel. It does cost slightly more than regular petrol diesel however it is much much much easier on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint (finprint?) by over 80% compared to petrol diesel.

With over 35 years in the scuba industry, we rely heavily on repeat business & word of mouth.

Everyone says “we’re the best” in Maui shore dives and Maui scuba diving trips. However, if you’re interested in Maui diving but prefer an unbiased opinion, check out what others say about our Maui diving by looking at reviewer sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

If you would like to dive in Maui or Lanai, please call us for scuba diving reservations! We will show you Maui and Lanai scuba diving with a quality difference such as using large tanks (80’s) for all divers, making computers a standard part of our rental gear, and showing you the unusual and rare sites that Maui and Lanai have to offer.

You can read about moorings on Maui and Lanai and help with the effort. Make a donation earmarked for Lanai moorings or Maui moorings by a click to MALAMA KAI. Donation is tax deductible and will make a difference on Maui’s and Lanai’s reefs for scuba divers and snorkelers today… and in the future.