Availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Credit card is required to hold your reservation. Payment is not collected until 48 hours before trip.


We maintain a strict 48 hour cancellation policy for our standard reservations, while custom reservation may require more advance notice of cancellation. Please refer to your initial confirmation email for more details.


Please refer to your initial confirmation email for your accurate check-in time and check-in location. Reminder emails may not include the check-in details. Please be at the check-in location at the time indicated in your confirmation email. As a courtesy to all of our guests, and to take advantage of the best weather conditions, we strive for our check-in to be as brief as possible, so we can get to the good stuff – diving!


We have two different facilities, based on which type of dive you have booked. Shore dives or beach dives, as well as classes and lessons meet at our dive shop. Boat dives meet at the public boat launch facility, Mala Boat Ramp, where our boat is sitting on its trailer prior to launch. Please follow the map in your initial confirmation email to ensure you go to the correct facility for your excursion.


All divers must sign a liability release waiver prior to diving activities. Please refer to your initial confirmation email for a link to sign your waiver digitally!

Divers should divulge any medical changes or concerns to our office, with enough advance notice to seek approval from a medical professional, should it be needed, prior to the date of diving.


There is an 18-24 hour “No-Fly” period of time after diving. Following your dives you cannot go past 1000 ft elevation, so no airplanes, no helicopter rides, no Haleakala, no back road to Hana for 18-24 hours after diving. However, you do not have to wait to dive after being at elevation. You can dive right away after flying!