Frequently Asked Questions


– Boat –

Check in is at Mala Ramp just north of Lahaina off of Front Street. Your email confirmation included a map and directions.

Check in is at 6:00 am and we leave as soon as everyone is checked in.

Please arrive by 6:00 am.

Check in is at 12:30 pm and we leave as soon as everyone is checked in.

Yes, you need to show your scuba certification card at check in in order to participate in our Maui diving excursion. Proof of certification is accepted, for example, if the office has verified you or you have a Dive Check through PADI.

5mm long sleeve step-in shorties.

Yes, we serve a continental breakfast between dives:

  • Fresh bagels
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cream cheese
  • Peanut butter

We have filtered water for each passenger aboard, as well as filtered water refill jugs.  We also have cookies for a sweet treat after our second dive.

We highly recommend a shore dive with us before your boat trip so that you feel confident and comfortable on the boat. Choose any of the options to get you back into dive mode: Refresher Class or ReActivate Course

All intros are done from the shore often at a dive site that the boat goes to also.

Yes; when you make your reservation you can select which add-ons are right for you: you can either rent a Full Set of dive gear or by the piece.

As of 2021 we are providing any gear rental you need for no extra charge.

When you make your reservation you can select which add-ons are right for you. All gear is included in the seat price.

Our boat is Coast Guard Rated for up to 15. HOWEVER we are only taking a maximum of 8 passengers, and two dive guides.

Group size is 4 or less and dive times are up to 70 minutes each dive. #iykyk

This gives everyone lots of room while aboard the boat.

And assures that if any needs any extra care or attention we are there for them, without impacting anyone else or their dive.

Prices vary based on your needs. Please call or email our office.

Depending on conditions, the boat ride is usually smooth enough but can be bouncy crossing the channel, the captain has many dive sites to choose from and will pick the best conditions that day.

The boat is 36 feet long, aluminum hull custom dive boat.

Depends on your air consumption and depth, generally we are having allowable bottom time of up to 70 minutes on boat dives (as long as your computer allows). If someone in the group gets low on air early, it does not need to end the dive for everyone.  You get to dive your tank.

Most people feel better underwater and our crew will go out of their way to accommodate you. You will however be responsible for the cost of the trip if you choose not to dive.

Yes, and you do need a computer on for boat dives.

Yes, you can bring your own tanks. There is no discount as tanks do not cost extra, they are included.

Yes you can and we have a large fresh water cooler for rinsing.

Our minimum age for the boat is 12, All seats are paid seats regardless of what the passenger is doing.

Yes, we have a marine head.

Boat dives range from 45-75 feet.  Shore dives 20-40 feet.

– Dive Sites –

Large lava tubes classified as cavern dives. Unlike cave dives no special scuba certifications needed.

Lanai dives vary between 50 and 80′ and Lanai Cathedrals is 50 – 80 feet.

A 97 foot, steel-hulled replica of a whaling ship that used to sit in Lahaina Harbor and serve as a musuem. Atlantis Submarine bought it and scuttled (sank) it for use as an artificial reef.

It is about 95 feet.

You can ask your guide, it all depends upon conditions. The guides like to know what kinds of marine life you want to see and can select a site based on that information.

–Tanks –

Yes, we need 2 days advance notice.

Yes, we need 1 day advance notice. Nitrox blend is 32%

It depends on your dimensions (height and weight) if it will be beneficial for you. If you are over 210 lbs we recommend steel tanks. Also known as “100’s”

– Shore Diving –

Check in is at Extended Horizons dive shop at 94 Kupuohi Street, Unit A-1, Lahaina. Your email confirmation included a map and directions.

Please arrive at the time you booked your dive.

No, you can arrive at the time you booked.

You may book them as  one or two tanks. You can even decide on the day of your tour if you would like to add a second dive

Between 25 – 45 feet.

Yes, it is $60 for a second dive on the same day.

You’ll need to be able to carry your gear about 30 yards depending on the site. The instructor is there to assist you. Some sites do require a bit more.

Participants need to be 12 years old for the intro.

10-11 year olds may dive, but must be accompanied by an adult family member on their dive during a private lesson.

No, you must be open water certified to do a night dive.

They are 1 tank but you can book a two tank twilight/night dive.

The best spots for night dives are Black Rock or Mala Ramp. All our night dives are done in groups of four or less and are shore dives. We do not cancel if you are the only person booked that night. We love night diving.

There is no boat traffic at those spots and the marine life is abundant and diverse. You can expect to see squid, octopus, lobsters, and more.

For all shore dives we meet at Extended Horizons dive shop, 94 Kupuohi Street, Unit A-1, Lahaina.

– Certification/Classes –

It takes 3 days to finish the whole course at about 5 – 6 hours a day. Or two half days for a referral when you have completed academics and pool work at home.

Yes, as long as you begin your class within 90 days from the date of your DSD. If you return to your original DSD instructor you may have longer at the discretion of the dive store/instructor. It take 3 days to finish the whole scuba certification course at about 5–6 hours a day. Or two half days for a referral when you have completed academics and pool work at home.

We specialize in small groups and prefer to cap our classes at 4 divers.

– General –

Yes, there is no elevation gain to worry about.

No, wait 18 – 24 hours before ascending to altitude.

18 hour is recommended before ascending to altitude.

You can dive right away after flying. You must wait 18 hours before flying after a dive.

The biggest concern is equalizing/congestion. Can you equalize now?

You don’t have to wear one but you might be more comfortable in one when diving in Maui, the water temp ranges between 75 to 82 degrees.

We can not guarantee that you will see them, but the dive sites along Maui’s coast are perfect for finding them!

– Distances –

Wailea to Extended Horizons.

Wailea is 28 miles, it will take 45 – 50 minutes.

Kihei to Extended Horizons.

Kihei is 22 miles, it will take 40 – 45 minutes.

Kahului to Extended Horizons.

Kahului is 23 miles, it will take 45 – 50 minutes.

Paia to Extended Horizons.

Paia is 30 miles, it will take 55 – 65 minutes.

Haiku to Extended Horizons.

Haiku is 42 miles, it will take 90 minutes.

Hana to Extended Horizons.

Hana is 72 miles, it will take 3 hours.

Ka’anapali to Extended Horizons. (Resort area includes Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin,Marriott Ocean Club, Kaanapali Beach Club, Honua Kai and more)

Ka’anapali is 5 miles, it will take 7 – 10 minutes.

Kahana to Extended Horizons.

Kahana is 7 miles, it will take 15 minutes.

Napili (also Honokowai) to Extended Horizons.

Napili is 7 miles, it will take 15 minutes.

Kapalua to Extended Horizons.

Kapalua is 10 miles, it will take 20 minutes.

Ritz-Carlton to Extended Horizons.

Ritz-Carlton is 10 miles, it will take 20 minutes.

Makawao to Extended Horizons.

Makawao is 35 miles, it will take 60 – 65 minutes.

Pukalani to Extended Horizons.

Pukalani is 32 miles, it will take 60 – 65 minutes.

Kula to Extended Horizons.

Kula is 43 miles, it will take 80 – 90 minutes.